Retailer Discussion Forum

This forum is open to "Retail Members" of the Kite Trade Association that currently have an active membership status.  

The forum uses the Facebook "Groups" environment to manage its interactions and content.  Accordingly, you must have a Facebook account to participate.  (Please note that there is no cost for a Facebook account and that you have complete control over the privacy of your profile, your content and its visibility to the public)

The process of joining the forum is a simple one and will only take a few minutes for most.  Please see the highlighted section below that applies to you and begin there.

If you already have a facebook account.

Go the link below which will take you to the home page for the Retailer Discussion Forum.  Once there, simply click on "join group".


Your Retailer Forum membership will be activated as soon as your active status as a Retail member is verified.  (This should not take long, but is a manual process and may take up to 48 hours)

Once verified, you will be notified that your membership has been activated and we look forward to your input and participation in the forum!

If you do not have a Facebook Account.  

Please click on the link below titled,  "How to Set Up a Facebook Account" and follow the very simple steps to set up your free account.  Once you have done so, return here and follow the steps above for those who do have a Facebook account set up.

Thank you!