Thank you KTAI for a great trade show, I picked up three new vendors I expect to do a significant amount of business with.

Stephen A Newberry | Owner/CEO

Kites Unlimited, Galveston, TX


Dear business owner,

If you are in business that sells anything that has to do with the Wind, Beach, Park, Lake, River, or your Back Yard and you didn't attend this years 2016 KTAI Trade show in Las Vegas, well simply put, you missed out big time.

Don't miss next years KTAI trade show, I guarantee, you will not regret it.

"get those kids off the couch" and help us promote these outdoor activities and fun family gatherings that are so rewarding and they all can be done in the great outdoors.

"May The Wind Always Be At Your Back"

Dean Miller

Tumbleweeds & Tarantulas LLC

Fort Mohave, Arizona

I was so shocked that we won the retailer of the year award this year that I did a very poor job of accepting the award. I thank the manufacturers who voted for us and understand that as a small store in a small market we don’t buy a large quantity of their merchandise. Also we aggressively test and compare the various offerings to be certain that we only carry the best of the selection. We report the results of our tests and try to help all manufactures to improve their offerings. We also order what we need, take what we order and pay for all items on time every time. We try to treat our suppliers as if they were our partners. We inform them when we disagree with their actions and programs. Sometimes this leads to conflict and sometimes it leads to resolution. We are always honest even when we are discussing the future potential of actions.
I still do not believe that a small family owned shop in a small market won this award. I feel that the opportunity to meet with and discuss the industry issues is vital and am glad we have the opportunity yearly at KTAI.
I hope other retailers have faith that manufacturers are trying to improve and make our industry better.
Kites Unlimited
Atlantic Beach,  NC


Trade Show KTAI Retail Member: Klig's Kites - Myrtle Beach, SC

Great trade show this year. Met some new vendors and worked with some existing ones. Although a good bit can be accomplished on the phone when your negotiating with a vendor I find more gets done face to face. In addition I had the opportunity to meet with my fellow retailers and share ideas. I find this very refreshing to hear the prospective of someone who is doing what your doing but in a different way. 

Trade Show Non Member Retailer Attendee: Bubbie's Store - Las Vegas, NV
Thank you for the opportunity to attend the KTAI Show. We are a relatively new store and we found the wealth of information available amazing and with much potential.

Trade Show KTAI Retail Member: Two Kite Guys - Canada
Just got back home from a very interesting week in Las Vegas, attending KTAI. Made new friends, reacquainted with old ones, found new suppliers, mingled with many and ordered from most. I learned a little more about the inner working of the kite world and new ways to help others and myself to experience yet grander adventures from this business of kites. Its going to be a fun time, I can see the writing in the sky now. A Great Big Thank you to all that attended this year and for the many idea's and lessons shared. I truly appreciate each and everyone for their generosity, kindness and goodwill they all possess. This is a very unique organization to be a part of, and isn't it any wonder why it is this way.

Trade Show KTAI Manufactuer/Wholesaler Member : Skydog Kites - Colchester, CT
The orders written at the  KTAI Show totaled the largest dollar amount Skydog Kites has ever written at the Kite Trade's big annual event. Most of the attending retailers have been in business for over 20 years, you know they are knowledgeable, experienced, and they will be around for many years to come. The attendees write great business, and they also provide valuable feedback that helps us perfect our products and strengthen our brand.
Trade Show KTAI Manufacturer/Wholesaler Member: Revolution Enterprises - Poway, CA

The KTAI show was again, a success for us. We gained new retailers, and wrote more orders than the last 2 years.  We made deals that would not have happened if we did not attend.The personal contacts, ideas shared, and requests received have already given this year a new exciting vibe.  Now, I am energized to get this year off to a great start !  And that is what shows and events are all about !  Thanks to the association and its members for coming together.

KTAI Retail Member: San Francisco Kite Company  - San Francisco, CA
“My business partner and I had very little experience with kiting, the kites themselves and the kite related business network when we set out to open our first kite store in 2009.  That all changed after attending the 2009 KTAI national convention!  I cannot stress enough how critical this event was to our early successes. The willingness to share information, the depth of knowledge and the general courtesy and openness of everyone we spoke with was, well, frankly unexpected.  With over 50 years of combined business experience, John and I have certainly attended our share of conventions.  That’s why we were so pleasantly surprised with how genuinely helpful everyone was.  You would expect that other retailers in particular might be sensitive to sharing their “secrets to success”, especially those in our own region.  Quite the opposite was the case.  We were savvy enough then to understand the value and leverage that we gained from that convention and having been in business for our first year, have enjoyed the leverage and returns that came directly from our early engagements with KTAI members. Last year, our second, we had a similarly valuable experience and once again left feeling very inspired and humbled by the outpouring of support we received for our business.  Don’t get me wrong, we actively reached out at these events and worked hard to meet with as many folks as we could.  That said, even an introvert could pay for their investment in this event simply by attending the events and workshops.  We made some great friends, learned invaluable short cuts and even joined the Board in order to try in some modest way to give back for all that we had gleaned from our association with the KTAI.  If you are new to the industry, I strongly suggest you consider attending the next convention and joining the KTAI, you won’t regret it.  If you are an “old dawg” in the industry, show up and be open to learning a new trick...I bet you a cold one you won’t be disappointed!”
Daren Henderson
KTAI Retail Member: Must Like Mud - Santa Clara, CA
Thanks for the warm and generous welcome we received from the membership of the KTAI. As newbie’s to retailing, brand new KTAI members and first-time trade show attendees, we were thrilled at the support offered by our fellow business folk. Demo Day was a great introduction to other members- we had two new business mentors in the first hour!  Membership benefits and trade show attendance should include "money we saved by not making THAT mistake!" Thanks KTAI: the openness of other members to share frankly and without reservation is more than worth the annual dues. This kind of info is worth the price of KTAI membership…all by itself! Thank you!
Anne Phoenix
KTAI Retail Member: The Kite Loft – Ocean City, MD
I have been attending the KTAI Convention for many years now. Each and every trip brings new ideas that help improve my business. The networking opportunities alone, make attending the convention worthwhile…
Jay Knerr
KTAI Retail Member: Zephyr Kites – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
My wife and I would like to thank all those who attended the  KTAI convention for such a warm welcome. Our experience at the trade show far exceeded our wildest expectations. Every retailer we spoke with was more than willing to offer advice and guidance. All the manufacturers made a point to educate us and answer all our questions, without making us feel as inexperienced as we are. As a new retailer, I strongly feel I am better positioned to succeed, knowing that I have the support of the association and the combined knowledge and experience of my fellow members. Not only did I leave the KTAI convention with a wealth of knowledge, and a lot of new friends, but I also left knowing that I am part of something special.
Mike McEwen
KTAI Retail Member: Life Unlimited - Las Vegas, NV
First Kite Convention:  From the Eyes of a Newbie
The January  KTAI Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, brought a whole new meaning to me regarding Kite Manufacturers, their products, and what all is involved in selling quality products.  It was amazing to see the collegiality of everyone, and to see how long time friends in the industry were happy to share information with those of us who were new. The first afternoon of the convention started with a “Demonstration Day”.  Unfortunately, as unpredictable as life, the winds of Las Vegas were not very predictable either.  Even though there was very little wind, many of the dealers were able to fly their low to zero wind products, which were still amazing to see.  From stunt kites to zero wind kites, and from small single line kites to quad line kites, the afternoon was still very colorful and fun! The official opening day of meetings brought many retailers together to share ideas.  After introductions of officers, past officers and attendees, the time was spent in discussing products.We had the opportunity to see several manufacturers “strut their stuff” and show us what was new for the upcoming year.  Besides showing many kite products, we were also able to see demonstrations of new non-kite products, flying toys, and other unique items that were available. Friday and Saturday were mostly spent in browsing and taking in all the exhibits.  What a wonderful display of color, excitement and energy, as we were able to see, hear and enjoy all the fun products.  I have to say, this was one of my many favorite parts of the convention.  One could not help but enjoy all the show of color, and be in a great mood after strolling down each aisle. The manufacturers were very gracious in helping a “new kid on the block” better understand what was available, and share the workings of their own products.  It was fun to test the products and have a hand’s on experience besides gathering information and having them explain what their company was offering and what products were best sellers. During this convention, I really learned more about two great family focused organizations:  The AKA – American Kite Association, and the KTAI – Kite Trade Association International.  Both of these organizations encourage the joy of kite flying, and their enthusiasm in getting families and more people involved in flying kites was very contagious.  On the other hand, it was rather disturbing to hear of all the dishonest companies who are copying some of our certified manufacturers, and who are trying to sell knock-off imitations of original quality products from KTAI members. Needless to say, my first experience at the KTAI Convention was amazing and a lot of fun!  I really look forward to being a part of this activity next year, and encourage other kite lovers to get involved, too.  As they say, “The Sky’s the Limit”, and there is plenty of room for many more kites to fly!
Sheri Manning
KTAI Manufacturer/Wholesaler Member: Revolution Enterprises, Inc. – Poway, CA
When Retailers attend the KTAI Trade Show, we can improve their product knowledge, merchandising and marketing techniques. No one knows our products better than we do and the extensive test marketing and product development we paid for allows us insight that we can give to our Retailers. Nothing in this virtual world we live in will give you the experience of hands on knowledge when it comes to kites and their related products. In addition, the Retailers Idea Exchange allows retailers to share their own sales techniques and product experience and get direct answers to pertinent questions from one another; giving Retailers in our industry a unique set of tools to take back to their stores. As Manufacturers and Wholesalers, we are able to use the Trade Show to make those personalized connections; that face-to-face opportunity we can’t get even after years of sales on the phone. After careful consideration and input from my customers, I developed a “starter package” to fit the specific needs of a new retailer, and was surprised and happy to see that they loved it – AND that seasoned retailers loved it as well. I developed a way to make selling my product easier, and gave the idea to my Retailers and the end result is that we both have increased sales; and that is why I love this trade show! We picked up five new customers and reestablished our relationship with two other customers. This show pays for itself because it allows us time with our customers that we could not get in a “big box” trade show.
Lolly Hadzicki-Ryno
KTAI Manufacturer/Wholesaler Member: In The Breeze – Bend, OR
I believe that In the Breeze’s involvement with the KTAI has had a direct impact on our growth and our understanding of the kite and outdoor decorative market. The KTAI has been invaluable in helping us torecognize trends, gain product knowledge and to establish a loyal customer base among many other benefits.
Bill Dual