Windward Kites

Windward Kites is an internet retailer with a full service attitude. We stock over 300 styles of kites and accessories and ship world-wide. Cal 413-471-WIND or 215-862-5380 to get the selection and service you deserve, seven days a week.

You've just found Windward Kites, the best online source to buy kites. Our online only kite store located in New Hope, Pennsylvania, (we do not have a brick and mortar store) carries hundreds of kites, including dual line and quad line stunt kites, sport kites - both framed and frameless, single line kites including dragon kites, box kites and all the kite string and kite accessories that can be easily ordered online or by phone. Our awesome kite selection includes beginner kites such as single line diamond kites and delta kites to dual and quad line parafoil and stunt kites, including powerful traction kites for kiteboarding, snowboarding or getting pulled along on rollerblades. If at any time you would like some help, please email us at or call: 413-471-WIND or 215-862-5380.