Ultimate Gig Lights

Mini BlingZ Registered trademark for LED light kits for multiple use on lots of applications, Kites, RC cars, Boats, Skate Boards, Roller skates, Scooters, Golf Carts. https://www.facebook.com/BlingZLEDlights/

Ultimate Gig Lights has lots of LED light products. The product that mostley  fits your interest would be the LED light kits ( Mini BlingZ) (R)for Kites, Skateboard, Roller skates. Mini BlingZ is a trade mark name belonging to Ultimate Gig Lights LLC. Mini BlingZ are a very affordable way to light up any anything you can think of. Our kits are fun, affordable and easy to us. They are designed with simplicity in mine, so even a kid can install them, Mini BlingZ are a peel and stick application. Just take it out of the pack and stick it where you want it to be, just that simple. The Kite kits are powerd with a very small A23 12 volt battery. The 6 light  kite kit weighs only .4 of a once, 12 light kit weights .6 once. These are light and do not effect the way the kit flys. I think this product is a good fit for any kite store. We also have a counter display case that can be utilized to triger the impulse buy. Or it can be hung on hangers or at a end cap. We offer sighnage and sample lights that can be installed on one of your kites as display. We run them with a converter that converts 110 AC to 12 volt DC so there are no batteries invoved with the display. Mini BlingZ will be a great addition to the products that you allready have in your location. We offer wholesale pricing for store location to buy direct or distributor pricing for distributors.