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Hi again,

At a young age in elementary school we were given a task of designing, building and flying a kite. I took that challenge seriously and won first place. From that point on I always felt that in some time in my life that experience would somehow come back to me. I am a firm believer that we must help get these kid off the couch and kite flying is one of the best ideas we have to get this in motion..

When a local kite shop didn't receive support of the community and went out of business I stumbled upon the left over inventory and bought it all. Now I was in the kite business and didn't even know it. After creating a website and selling on various e-commerce sites I began to receive messages from my customers asking for more. Now I knew I had started a kite business.

After a short time of  4-5 years, I am a growing kite business increasing revenue year after year improving the quality of my products and have become a member of the KTAI and the AKA.

Just think, maybe this all started way back when I was in elementary school, funny how things work out.

Best Wishes and,

"My The Wind Always Be At Your back"

Dean Miller

Tumbleweeds & Tarantulas LLC