Fly Market Kitemaking Supply

Everything you need to build amazing kites: fabric (ripstop nylon, Dacron, Tyvek, Cuben fiber, banner nylon), spars (carbon fiber, fiberglass, fiberglass wound epoxy tubes, and wood dowels), connectors, line, tools, and more.

Ripstop in 60 colors? We've got that. Any kind of spar you can put in a kite? Yup. All the fiddly bits that hold it all together? We've got 'em. After just a few months in business, Fly Market Kitemaking Supply already has the largest selection of stuff to build kites out of. Ripstop nylon from Chikara, Mirai, and Texlon. Banner nylon from Bainbridge. Pultruded carbon tubes, solid carbon rods, G-Force, SkyShark, fiberglass wound epoxy tubes, solid fiberglass rods, and wood dowels. Tyvek, Dacron, slit tape, insignia tape, ripstop tape, All the connectors, and line, and tools. If you need it to build a kite, chances are Fly Market has it, or can get it.

And repairs! Don't want to stock repair parts in your shop, or train your seasonal staff? We can supply spars for most kites, or even sew a torn sail. Contact us for details.

Fly Market is run by experienced, award-winning kitemakers, who've traveled around the world flying kites. You have a vision... we make it fly.