Flarble by Rock Creek Molding, Inc.

"Flarble" is literally "The World's Smallest Flying Toy".

The Flarble was created in 1998 and finally brought to the public at Toy Fair 2011.  Flown by simply snapping your finger, people of ANY age can lean to fly one in just a few seconds. They are amazingly FUN to fly and are absolutely safe to fly indoors. About as low tech as you can get, the Flarble is many parents answer to the question of "How do i get my child to put down that stupid electronic game and use their imagination ?" Kids can play by themselves or invent games with others. The ways children can use Flarbles is limited only by their imagination.  As fun as it is simple, the Flarble will give any child (or adult for that matter !!) hours (yes HOURS) of safe, stimulating FUN.

  The Flarble is 100 % made and packaged in the USAhttp://www.flarble.com/